Vivacious : lively, spirited, lighthearted, happy, full of fun, cheerful, perky, enthusiastic, vibrant, vital, energetic, dynamic, upbeat 

All great ways to describe this retail store catering to woman for apparel and accessory needs.   Vivacious carries the largest selection of jewellery in the area.  Vivacious is a place to be relaxed and have a rewarding shopping experience.  Located in the heart of Trenton, Ontario where the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario and the Trent Severn Waterway all meet.  A beautiful place to call home.                          





Over 75% of the store is Canadian or US made and designed clothing!  Over half the store is plus sizes!! 

Winter clearance until March 18th - all winter tops $20, dresses $40 both regular and plus sizes available!!

Day Spa

Photo Credit: ms.akr




Trenton, Ontario